Our Vision and Mission

Know Thyself

Ultimately, we understand that all activities are not only a means of getting things done but also to improve oneself in all spheres of life and getting to know oneself better under various circumstances. The world is a mirror. It reflects our own qualities and substance. Reality or the absolute, unchanging and eternal TRUTH awaits us at each step of our personal, social and spiritual evolution.

Sanathana Dharma

Under Sanathana Dharma (literal - Eternal Order/Law) we understand the ancient Indian tradition and cultural way of living, which incorporates spirituality and philosophy. Spirituality was never segregated from public life in India and Sanathana Dharma is not a religion but a universal way of living. 


Our mission could best be described as Jeeva Karunyam which simply means compassion towards all beings, including animals. We help children as well as elderly persons from economically and socially deprived and challenging social strata to live a happy and healthy life by providing them with a warm home, education and other necessities of life. 

Medical camps as well as community service programs for scheduled tribe members and other people living in poverty are conducted in the ashram to give them a healthier and perhaps a little happier life. 

Even though we are aware that what we do is not more than the proverbial drop in the ocean, we'd like to think that we promote a more insightful and compassionate society in this world, where people can live in peace and unity not only with each other, but with all creatures on this planet.