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Are you planning on a so-called 'social year' away from your usual environment? Are you looking for an opportunity to offer your help as a volunteer for  various projects and places around the whole world? Then you are on the right page! :)

Helping people while actually living with them and getting involved in every-day life in different countries holds many enriching experiences, allowing a soul to mature in many ways, psychologically, emotionally and mentally. 

For more clarity about volunteering at the  Aum Pranava Ashram, we have uploaded an open letter for volunteers containing important information about the same. 

Your help and support is welcome in the following fields of work:

  • Teaching English - helping kids with their studies and homework is great fun if you love children and enjoy their company! 
  • The kitchen department - is a very busy place where an extra pair of hands is always welcome.
  • Creative work with the kids - children get lots of project works for the school (as assignments) which gives the volunteers ample chances to involve in their school life as well as their creativity. 
  • Office work - assignments will be mostly related to communication and designing of communication material or just simple office work like pasting envelopes, etc. 
  • Yoga classes with the kids - a thorough knowledge of teaching yoga is needed.
  • Garden and Rice-fields - our garden, coconut groves and small rice fields may be good places for people interested in farming. 

Food and accommodation will be provided to volunteers coming to the ashram to do social work, helping children or elders or staff members in their different departments.


If you are thinking about volunteering at the Aum Pranava Ashram, please read the above uploaded info letter for volunteers which contains essential details about volunteering at the ashram and ashram life in general. 


Last step: You can download and print out the application form and send it to us via E-Mail using either this              aumpranavashram@gmail.com or this info@aumpranavashram.org E-Mail address. Thank you! :) 

Thank You For Your Social Concern
An open letter for volunteers containing information about life and service opportunities at the Aum Pranava Ashram
Thanks for your social concern.pdf
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Application form for volunteers
Application form for volunteers.pdf
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If you have any queries regarding volunteering or staying at the Aum Pranava Ashram, don't hesitate to write to us. We have provided a contact form below for this purpose.

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