Īshwara Sarva Bhūthānām - God Resides in the Heart of All Beings

The Aum Pranavashram is a place of contemplation, meditation & Yoga, and spiritual thought. It is also (and unmistakably so :)) a place of social activities throbbing with life. Children, elders, caretakers, staff members, gardeners, a bustling kitchen, cows, dogs, squirrels, crows, and peacocks will make you feel the life, love, and care prevalent in this place, where around 75 people have their permanent residency.

The ashram accommodates a Children's Home (for Girls) and takes care of elders looking for a peaceful life and support. A cowshed (which will be referred to as Goshala henceforth) with 90 cattle family members also belongs to the list of the ashram activities. Over all these years, since the Aum Pranava Ashram's inception on 23 November 1996, we have given utmost importance to maintaining a family-like atmosphere in our place, keeping the children happy and content and providing them with a warm, caring home. Children, elders, volunteers, staff members, and animals are all treated like family members rather than anonymous 'inmates' in an institution.


The Aum Pranava Ashram Children's Home shelters orphans and children from broken families, economically impoverished environments, or both. Since its beginning in 1996, this ashram has dedicated itself mainly to the healthy growth and personal development of needy and disadvantaged children/orphans. Healthy food and nutrition, school education, and sponsorship for colleges or vocational institutions form part of our regular help for the children growing up in the ashram's protective environment.

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Protecting elders started in June 2003, when the founders decided to take up abandoned older adults from the streets into the ashram's fold and care.

Traditional family structures are rapidly splitting up in India as well. Older people from economically challenged groups of society face increasingly harsh conditions. The demand for secure places in nursing homes is very high.

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Animal Care

The Aum Pranava Ashram Goshala (cowshed) feeds more than 90 cattle family members. 

For ages, India has been known for its respectful attitude towards cows. The Holy Cow was a precious member of man's largely vegetarian society. The present situation in India can hardly be more remote from this romantic image of the holy cow.

We want to tell you why the cow was considered sacred and what we do to protect her.

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