The Aum Pranava Ashram Children's Home has been sheltering orphans and children from economically and socially deprived backgrounds since its inception in November 1998. Some children have lost their parents; others come to us due to desolate or broken family circumstances. 

The children are provided with all the life necessities and grow up under the loving care of the founders and caretakers, who help them look after their daily routine and help them with their studies. They attend schools in the nearby village Ilanji. 

We have always made utmost efforts to give the children the sense of a real home, keeping the atmosphere family-oriented and natural. 

The following essential things and facilities are offered free of cost in the children’s Home: 

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Clothing
  • School Education (including transport) and all things related to school life
  • Medical Care
  • Excursions and trips to various cultural places during holidays

Children 2022/23

Higher Education 2022/23

Apart from life support, Higher Education and Vocational Skill Development are the most valuable and encouraging things we can do for the children and especially the girls. In addition to school education, they need to develop their skills and place themselves in a competitive world. You can sponsor a child's college education/vocational training course which usually lasts 3 to 5 years. Fees vary according to different institutions and studies. If you wish to provide a girl with this educational armour, we request you to kindly contact the ashram office by using the contact form provided on the Contact Page so that we can inform you about the current individual possibilities.