The Ashram is the attitude with which we started this place almost 30 years ago. It is like an invisible banyan tree, protecting and holding together all the people living here, infusing activities with meaning and guiding us on and on.

The Prayer Hall

Even though people worldwide chant the sound OM, we must acknowledge that - according to the Holy Scriptures - the sound can only be heard, not spoken. Aum or Om is born from silence. Its form is light with the splendor of a thousand suns. All living entities desire to be happy, a natural expression of the latent bliss that we carry at the core of our being - a tremendous and vibrant ocean of blissful existence - Sat Chit Ananda.

Love finds a mature expression in jeevakarunyam (compassion), which is at the core of this Ashram, the reason behind all our activities. True spiritual life is an ego-less way of life. Whether we are engaged in social activities, meditation, or other activities, the ego and narrow vision handicap the fulfillment of one's righteous (dharmic) way of living. Hence our goal is to be aware of this truth and make life meaningful by giving up our false egos and narrow understanding. Seeing all with the eyes of equanimity, without discriminating between races, castes, creeds, and genders, enables us to follow our unique path peacefully. 

Pooja and Homam (Yagna)

(Pooja = Prayer or ritual, Homam/Yagna = Fire Ceremony)

Poojas and Homas purify our mind and the atmosphere and are conducted for the welfare and protection of ALL

Gayatri Mantra Japam

Gayatri Mantra elevates the atmosphere and fills the space and everything in it with its prayer of adoration for the Divine Light.

Pooja, Parayanam and Homam

Parayanam: we chant the Devi Mahatmyam (Chandi Path) every Friday, as well as other scriptures in regular intervals.

Homam: The picture below shows a Homa Kundam (fire pit) before it is lit. 

Acharya (the leader in this Homam): Sri Yagnaratnam, Bhaskara Ashram, Chennai.

Navadina Navakoti Ramanama Japayagna

19 - 27 August (annually)

Below: a picture of Lord Rama and His most faithful servant, Hanuman. What hides behind this long name “Navadina (9 days) Navakoti (9 crones) Ramanama (the name of Rama) Japayagna (repeating like in a Yagna or Homam)”? Quite simply, it is a gathering of people chanting the name of Lord Rama. The Taraka Mantra 'Rama' confers peace to whoever chants it. The Aum Pranavashram has launched this nine-day-long function for six consecutive years (from 2016 onwards). In August 2023, we will again host many devotees gathering every day in the Guru Prasad Prayer Hall of the Aum Pranavashram for the 8th year. 

Enthusiastic gathering of people chanting the mantra. 

Asato Ma Sat Gamaya  (Lead me from Illusion to Eternal Truth)

Tamaso Ma Jyothir Gamaya  (Lead me from darkness to light)

Mrtyor Ma Amritham Gamaya  (Lead me from death to eternal life)

Om. Shanthi Shanthi Shanti:  (Om. Peace. Peace. Peace!

Our sincere prayers go out into this world and beyond ...!