The Children's Home

The Aum Pranava Ashram Children's Home shelters orphans and children from an economically deprived background. While some of them have lost their parents, others were brought by a mother/father or by both due to desolate family circumstances. 

The children are provided with all the necessities of life and grow up under the loving care of the founders and other caretakers, who help the children to look after their daily routine and help them with their studies.   

We have always made utmost efforts to give the children the sense of a real home, keeping the atmosphere family-oriented and natural. 

The ashram accommodates boys and girls in separate buildings within the ashram premises. 

Children attend schools in Ilanji and in Sengottai, which is about 6 to 8 kms away from our place.

They are provided with the following things and facilities absolutely free of cost: 

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Clothing
  • School Education (including transport) and all things related to school life
  • Medical Care (mainly homoeopathic remedies or ayurvedic tonics are used as medicines and for boosting their immunity)
  • Excursions and trips to various cultural places during holidays

The list mentioned above must necessarily be in-exhaustive because we cannot list all the services which the Aum Pranava Ashram renders to the children, like for example to merely let them enjoy an expensive cone ice-cream (God thanks, some sponsors donate for this noble cause!)

Children 2019/20

In addition to school kids, the ashram supports adolescent children who have completed their school education in the ashram and continue higher studies at various colleges and vocational institutions. They come home from their respective colleges/vocational training institutions whenever they get to leave. Some of them are pictured here:

Higher Education / Vocational

The Role of Women in Modern Indian Society

The traditional views of women's role and place in Indian society opposite the current challenges of modern, global views on women's place in society at large do not make it easy for young ladies to place themselves in this world. Confusions abound, and even newly-found freedom can lead to severe complications in their young lives. Let these words suffice to hint at the challenges young ladies are facing in India today. 

As educators, we are aware of our responsibilities. In our eyes, education should include the moulding of character, grooming awareness and social skills to prepare young people to face the struggles and vicissitudes of life as well as the brighter sides of life with the necessary strength of mind, soul and body. The amount of love and care received in childhood plays a big role in determining a child’s future. It is our primary concern to help the children grow up in a healthy, loving and caring environment with emphasis on education, which will enable them to unfold their hidden potentials inspite of the troubles and problems they had to face at an earlier stage in life. 

We are committed to help the children, and especially girls, to  unfold their mental skills and support higher education.