English Newsletters

Blessed Christmas and A Peaceful, Healthy and Safe New Year 2024!
English Newsletters · 23. December 2023
Newsletter March 2023
English Newsletters · 08. March 2023
In this Newsletter, we are covering events from after Christmas'22 until March 2023.

Newsletter September 2022 (English)
English Newsletters · 03. October 2022
After a long pause, it is high time for an update of events at the Aum Pranavashram in the fields of Children’s Home, Elders, and Goshala.
Newsletter March ‘22
English Newsletters · 05. March 2022
Covers ashram events from November 2021 to March 2022.

Newsletter Nov ’21
English Newsletters · 13. November 2021
News and events of the Aum Pranavshram covering the last three months (Aug, Sep, Oct and a little bit of Nov)
Newsletter July 2021
English Newsletters · 17. July 2021
Covers news and events from the months May to July 2021

Notes On The Activities of the Aum Pranavashram Trust
English Newsletters · 24. February 2021
This official publication contains all the basic details about the Trust and its activities since the beginning of its legal inception in 1998.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
English Newsletters · 15. December 2020
We thank all our friends for their love and support! May you all be blessed with good health, love, and peace of mind!

English Newsletters · 17. August 2020
This Newsletter covers the activities in the Aum Pranava Ashram Children's Home, Old-Age Home, and Goshala/Agriculture from April until now, August 2020.
Newsletter March 2020
English Newsletters · 31. March 2020
- "COVID" News from the Aum Pranava Ashram - More Details about Sanathana Dharma - Event Reports since Nov/Dec