Europe & International Transfers

1) Aum Pranava - One World One Family

If you are in Europe and you want to donate to the ashram, you have two possibilities:

Since one half of the founder-couple of the Aum Pranava Ashram is an Austrian citizen by birth, the contacts to Austria have always been very cordial and active, which has finally and independently led to the creation of a charity association called AUM PRANAVA - One World One Family in Vienna in 2012 by a group of close friends who visit our ashram regularly. 

The association serves as an info point for German speaking people and to assist us in carrying out its social welfare activities as well as implementing its objectives and goals. 

Bank details:


IBAN:   AT403200000011596392


From here, regular transfers to our Indian Trust Account are made.

The Austrian institution is in the official list of tax-aided charity institutions of the Austrian Finance Ministry. 

To obtain the necessary details for filling out your tax form, please click the link list of tax-aided charity institutions and insert the name of the association (AUM PRANAVA) under 'Auswahl, Spenden-Empfänger'.

All functionaries work on a purely voluntary basis, no salaries or office rents are incurred. 


Dr. Lydia Sedlacek


Renate Lucinski

The second possibility to donate to the ashram is an

2) International Transfer

Please follow the link to International Transfers