Since its inception in November 1996, the ashram has received support from individuals who have been an enormous source of inspiration and encouragement to us. Eternal gratitude and everlasting love to all the individual donors! We bow to you, whose good vision has opened up channels for us to do good.

Thank you!


Please click on the pictures below to open the websites of institutional/company sponsors, who have funded some of our porjects and will hopefully continue to do so. We are exteremely grateful to every single one of them for all their special and generous support! 

Thank you!

Details of donations made by Guru Krupa Foundation, USA

Date Amount
 26/08/2019  Rs. 10,73,349.- (USD 14,970.-)
31/07/2020 Rs. 14,84,770.- (USD 19,970.-)

The woman on the photo above deserves a special mentioning: Hélène Ehret, the founder of Missione Calcutta, Italy. With her wonderful help and co-operation, we could build a major part of the ashram infrastructure. She is one of the most charitable, kind and forgiving personalities we have ever met!