Thank you for supporting a child / a group of children / elders / meal schemes / cows or any other type of donation you wish to endow us with. Please send us an e-mail or a message using the Contact form provided on the Contact Page (use the keyword 'Donation') to inform us about your contribution, so that we can ensure a safe arrival of the amount in the Trust Account.


Donation Schemes

1. Monthly Life Support for One Child

An amount of Rs.3,000.- / month helps us to care for all that a child needs under every-day circumstances (food, school fees and transport, medicines, play and learn items, etc.)

2. Annadhanam (Meals)

This donation scheme helps us to provide healthy and varied food items to the children and all other ashram members. 

A healthy mind in a healthy body - The children's strength of mind and body originate from a good and healthy diet.  

Special Lunch for all

Special Breakfast / Dinner for all

Ashram Meals for a Whole Day

3 Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks & milk)

Fruit Basket for all

Rs. 3,000.-

Rs. 3,000.-

Rs. 5,500.-

Rs. 2,500.-

3. Goshala / Cows

Tending to cows' needs is said to be beneficial not only for the cows but eventually for the caretakers as well. If you would like to earn 'punyam' (reward) with this donation, kindly take note of the following:

  • Goshala Annadhanam (Hay and Cowfeed for one day)
  • Goshala Corpus (for the maintenance of the cowshed)
  • Rs. 6,000.-
  • Rs. 30,000.- for sevaks, electricity, water, etc. 

4. Aid Programs for College Students/Vocational Training

You can sponsor a child's college education / vocational training course which lasts usually 3 to 5 years. For this purpose, we request you to kindly contact the ashram office by using the contact form provided on the Contact Page so that we can inform you about the current individual possibilities. Fees vary according to different institutions and courses. 

Apart from life support, this is the most useful and encouraging help which we can offer to adolescents who need to develop and place themselves in a competitive world. 


Sasikala receiving her M.Com Degree from the 'Parashakthi College for Women' in Courtallam
Sasikala receiving her Masters Degree in Commerce from the 'Parashakthi College for Women' in Courtallam